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Casting for Murder at Rutherford House - Five men ,six females



RUBY PINKBOTTOM - a man in drag. Devoted maid to the Rutherford family for 15 years. Out-going and gregarious. Ruby tickles the funny bones of all those who visit Rutherford House. 35-40 years-old.
MILLICENT, LADY RUTHERFORD - the domineering, sultry lady of the house. She darts to and fro making sure glasses are full and merriment prevails. She'd do anything for money. Her sincerity towards everyone is forced. 47-50 years-old.
CAMERON WORTHLESTON - greedy. Engaged to Sarah and sleeping with Millicent and in love with the Baroness. He craves being a jetsetter, and is very smooth, especially with the ladies. However, his social graces are sometimes thwarted by his lack of intelligence. He is tall, attractive and debonair, 28 years old.
SARAH RUTHERFORD - Millicent's less glamorous twin daughter. She is engaged to Cameron Worthleston, but her murder will cancel all plans. She is sweet and naive and a bit awkward. She is unaware that Cameron is involved with Millicent. 24 years-old.
HERMIONE RUTHERFORD - prefers being called Herman because it's less formal. Her reality is warped; her world eccentric; her marbles loose. Totally benevolent and harmless.
WENDLE WEEDLE P.I. - an eloquent chap. 40-60 years-old.
OSWALD, LORD RUTHERFORD - William's younger brother, as he is determined to remind people. Bizarre and full of energy, dresses outrageously. He pretends he's blind, walks with a white cane and wears round darkened spectacles. 55-60 years-old.
BARONESS GRETA VON KEEPSEMFRUMFLOPPEN - seasoned American cabaret performer is actually Trixie Calahan from Modesto, California. She is outrageous and feisty. 35-40 years-old.
CAMILLE RUTHERFORD - Millicent's stunning, mysterious twin daughter, Camille, is soft-spoken, until provoked. 24 years-old.
HARDWICK STERLING - an international jet-setter and established entrepreneur. 45-55 years-old.




We are looking for people who have  any of the following skills:-

  • Graphic abilities
  • E Media
  • Outside of the box thinker
  • PR Skills


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The Cast For Grease


Best Actor

Robert Jeffares as Ted in  "Death and Taxe$"


Best Supporting Actor

David Mitchell  as Doug in "Death and Taxe$"

Best Actress

Kim Wright as Lucille in  "Death and Taxe$"


Best Musical Performance

Clair Rochester as Cora in  "Calendar Girls"


Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Keith as Tiffany  in "Death and Taxe$"


The Carl and Dawn Wright "Top Tech Award"

Robert Ogilvie  for lighting

Best Show

"Death and Taxe$" - Director, Ali Beal

Best Young Actor

Lydia Wilson as Tommy in  "Dick Whittington and his Cat

The Cast and Crew Of Death and Taxe$