Theatre Hawkes Bay Open Day 27April



Best Actor

Robert Jeffares as Ted in  "Death and Taxe$"


Best Supporting Actor

David Mitchell  as Doug in "Death and Taxe$"

Best Actress

Kim Wright as Lucille in  "Death and Taxe$"


Best Musical Performance

Clair Rochester as Cora in  "Calendar Girls"


Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Keith as Tiffany  in "Death and Taxe$"


The Carl and Dawn Wright "Top Tech Award"

Robert Ogilvie  for lighting

Best Show

"Death and Taxe$" - Director, Ali Beal

Best Young Actor

Lydia Wilson as Tommy in  "Dick Whittington and his Cat

The Cast and Crew Of Death and Taxe$



Le Sud


Theatre Hawke’s Bay are thrilled to have Glen Pickering directing Le Sud, written by Dave Armstrong for their first production in 2014. This hit comedy about a North Island run by New Zealanders and a South Island run by the French has had sell-out seasons around the country.

Le Sud assumes that the French successfully colonised the South Island in 1839 and South Zealand or Le Sud became an independent French-speaking nation. Today Le Sud is a prosperous socialist country where people work only 30 hours a week, enjoy long wine-fuelled lunches, and the popular Prime Minister, Francois Duvauchelle, is a renowned womaniser. Crucially the country also has huge hydro-electric resources. The English-speaking citizens of the North Island are far less happy. North Zealanders work long hours for little reward, their free-market experiment ended in disaster, and race relations are at rock bottom. Starved of much-needed electricity, North Zealand lives in permanent recession.

With comically outrageous plots and power plays, cultural clashes and sexual shenanigans, LE SUD has more bang than a French nuclear test.


Performance dates: March 27 – April 5 2014